So, you wish to seek the Lost Prints
of the Secret Order of the Black Diamond...

The Lost Prints of the Secret Order of the Black Diamond are the primary art objects in Wonder Fair's Secret Society exhibition. They will not, however, be for sale or even found within the walls of Wonder Fair...

Instead, these fine art editions will be placed in five secret caches stategically hidden in watertight, weather-resistant capsules, ready for Black Diamonds to seek for years to come. Members aspirant to the Secret Order of the Black Diamond will be given a series of clues leading them to these caches. Upon discovery, finders may freely avail themselves of one of the Lost Prints, until their supply is exhausted (please, only take one print, and none extra).

The Inky

The Split

The Golden

The Broken

The Black

Once you've learned how to look for them, you can find far more than five treasure caches...

Each Lost Print cache is in fact a single example of a vast extant network of "letterboxes"—a popular, printerly 19th-century pastime still practiced in secret and small ways today. Each Secret Order of the Black Diamond letterbox will contain both our artists' edition of Lost Prints, and all the tools of the trade of a veteran letterboxer—a unique rubber stamp (aka a Secret Seal), a custom log book, and an informative zine explaining the mission of the Black Diamonds, Wonder Fair, and Letterboxing. Though our art editions will eventually be depleted, our artist-designed stamps will be capable of producing an infinite edition of free prints for generations of letterboxers and Black Diamonds to come.

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